AW: [RC5] RC5 question

Elektron elektron_rc5 at
Sat Oct 4 23:59:20 EDT 2003

>> Much like the famous Bill Gates quote about 640k of RAM, which was 
>> never
>> actually said, this sounds like a hoax.

It's not in, and it's also over-quoted, so (if anything) 
it's more likely to be true than not. Either way, it doesn't change 
much (which is that people underestimate computers in 10 years).

> Looks like my guess about 1980 wasn't correct at all :-)
> "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." --Thomas
> Watson, chairman of IBM, *1943*

1943 was before the ENIAC (which was a very bad not-so-pocket 
calculator, 1946 I believe), so it's not really a valid quote. I forget 
when the UNIVAC was, but that's usually the first electronic computer 
that was considered 'programmable' (to reprogram the ENIAC, IIRC, you 
rewired it).

- Purr

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