[RC5] RC5 question

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Sat Oct 4 17:33:37 EDT 2003

> This does not change anything.
> You know exactly how long it takes to look at a single piece of hay.
> And therefor you can calculate how long it will take to take a look at
half of
> the pile. (statistically you should find the needle there)
> What point is there if the hole thing doesn't provide mankind with new
> information ??
> In the times of idiotic american crypto regulation it was a good thing
(tm) to
> tackle rc5-64 ... but what benefit is there now ?

The point for RSA to offer the contest is to demonstrate that their crypto
is not easily broken, and perhaps to make a political statement about the
silliness of export regulations.  The point for distributed.net to
participate in the contest is to demonstrate the power of distributed
computing, and hopefully to earn the prize money.  Distributed computing
does not exist for the sole purpose of cracking crypto, and any political
message to be sent by solving the contest is from RSA, not us.
Participating in a crypto contest happens to be a good way to apply
distributed computing technology.

Various people within DCTI have various opinions about the usefulness of the
results of the project, politically and otherwise, but ultimately we're not
making any statement other than "distributed computing can do that".

-- Bruce Wilson
bwilson at distributed.net

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