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Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Sun Oct 5 14:06:27 EDT 2003

Hi Bruce!

04 Oct 2003, "Bruce Wilson" <bwilson at distributed.net> wrote:

 BW> The point for RSA to offer the contest is
THIS is clear :)
Customers fear that somebody has (partly) solved the factorization problem, or
came up with something much better than brute force.
The contest helps RSA to calm these fears down.

But the question wasn't why RSA made the contest :)

 BW> The point for distributed.net to participate in the contest is to
 BW> demonstrate the power of distributed computing
My Point is that one can demonstrate the power of distributed computing equally
well with projects that make much more sense to me than rc5-72+.

For me making sense is to help mankind in some way.
(OGR helps to prove that the known shortest rulers ARE the shortest possible
climate prediction.net helps scientists to get insights into climate prediction
protein folding helps scientists to simulate how organic molecules fold.

I am not against the rc5 project.
I participated in rc5-64 and I run rc5-72 as a reserve project if the
servers run put of OGR stubs.
But I can't see any benefit in solving rc5 now.
What knowledge does mankind gain by solving rc5-72 that it doesn't have now ?

 BW> Participating in a crypto contest happens to be a good way to apply
 BW> distributed computing technology.
But I am personally sure that there are projects that a) are well distributable
and b) make some sense by providing new information to all of us.

 BW> Various people within DCTI have various opinions about the usefulness
 BW> of the results of the project, politically and otherwise, but
 BW> ultimately we're not making any statement other than "distributed
 BW> computing can do that".
The great thing is that distributed.net offers a client where you can simply
plug in new projects.

The reason for my posts is to get people started to think which of the 2
current projects they set the focus on.

Maybe there will be a third project somewhen in the future.
(maybe dnet could cooperate with some biochemistry institute ...
just dreaming :)

 BW> -- Bruce Wilson

CU, Ricsi

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