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Bruce Wilson bruce.wilson at distributed.net
Mon Oct 6 13:43:17 EDT 2003

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| How about NFSNET? http://www.nfsnet.org/
| It's not doing anything *really* immediately useful, but it 
| does have some
| pure mathematical uses, and nobody ever knows what sort of 
| things pure-math
| ends up creating :P The only problems with it is that it uses 
| a ton of RAM,
| a ton of hard drive space, and the client is pretty bad. The first
| aren't really much of a problem, since it would be easy to 
| (1) limit it to
| high-speed computers, and (2) let people disable it if they 
| want. The third
| would be solved by using the distributed.net client :P
| The request files are tiny - however, the result files are 
| much larger,
| which might cause some problems.
| -Ben

Hi, Ben.

Do you know anyone on the project who we could contact?  Perhaps have
someone on the project contact us?  Are they interested in merging
with us?  We've found that some projects prefer to stay on their own,
even though they give up our large userbase and cross-platform
support.  (In some cases, the project leaders are earning a grade or
degree for implementing DC, so they have no option to merge with us.)

Anyone interested in bringing their project onto our network should
probably start by contacting Bovine (bovine at distributed.net) or Nugget
(nugget at distributed.net).

If anyone has a talking relationship with leaders of another project,
please use your connection to spread the word that we're open to new

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