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Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Tue Oct 7 00:53:23 EDT 2003

Hi Bruce!

05 Oct 2003, "Bruce Wilson" <bwilson at distributed.net> wrote:

 >> For me making sense is to help mankind in some way.
 >> (OGR helps to prove that the known shortest rulers ARE the
 >> shortest possible
 >> climate prediction.net helps scientists to get insights into climate
 >> prediction models
 >> protein folding helps scientists to simulate how organic molecules
 >> fold. ........)
 BW> RC5 and OGR both have one very important advantage over the other
 BW> projects you mention: they both have working cores written to work on
 BW> our network.
Yepp ... guessed that.

My goal was that people start thinking before wasting (IMHO) time with rc5-128.
If they thought about it and understand it, and STILL want to do it, and if
there's a core for it - let them do it.
(But IMHO there are many who haven't thought about it ... :)

 BW> We would love to have a whole family of projects which satisfy all the
 BW> different definitions of "helping mankind".  We're looking and waiting
 BW> for those projects.
me too ;)

 >> The reason for my posts is to get people started to think which of
 >> the 2 current projects they set the focus on.
 BW> And for some people, RC5-72 will still be the right choice.
See above ... sure
I run it as a backup project, too.

 >> Maybe there will be a third project somewhen in the future.
 >> (maybe dnet could cooperate with some biochemistry institute ...
 >> just dreaming :)
 BW> The invitation is open.  If you can point such a project to us, or
 BW> point us to them, we would be glad to talk about ways we can work
 BW> together.
I don't know any ... but I will look.
I'm really wondering, why there's so little interest in the great dnet
infrastrucutre - sad

Thank you very much for your reply

CU, Ricsi

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