[RC5] Client question

Paul Benjamin pben at foobox.com
Mon Oct 6 18:29:16 EDT 2003

On Monday 06 October 2003 04:34 pm, Daniel Quintiliani wrote:
> Hi,
> My Windows box is messed up beyond repair and can't access the Internet,
> among other things, caused mostly by a faulty reinstall. As soon as I
> receive backup software in the mail that I just bought, I'm going to wipe
> it out.
> The Windows box has dnetc running; it is currently finished with RC5-72 and
> is working on the OGR packets now. Would it be at all possible to copy the
> buff-in/buff-out files over to my Linux machine (which has a working
> internet connection) and send them that way when they're finished? Or are
> the two clients not compatible?

./dnetc -import <filename>

will import the buffers into you Linux client. You will loose any work on 
packets that were not completed in Windows, the Linux client will start over 
on the unfinished packets. 

The Linux client will send in the completed packets and give you credit for 
the work finished.  It will not start over on the packets finished by the 
Windows client.

Good luck on fixing Windows!

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