[RC5] Three new cores - binary version -- new BETA

Slawek sgp at telsatgp.com.pl
Fri Oct 17 00:23:54 EDT 2003

Jim C. Nasby wrote:

>> Hello List.
>> Bovine has written in his .plan, that new beta's are available... but
>> no need to hurry for a download, NO NEW CORES for the x86 generation
>> have been included....
> FYI, the new cores were imported into CVS 2 days ago, so the next
> version will probably include them.

Thanks, Jim.

And I'd like to thank everybody who submitted benchmarks.

By the way I've got a big problem with (unfinished) SSE2 core's
performance. It's doing about a key per 490 cycles on my
Pentium 4 but.... only for about one minute. It slows down after
a while slowly slowing down to about 70% of it's starting speed.


Well, I've got no idea what to do about it, so I think I'll leave that
for now.

Have a nice day,
/Slawek Piotrowski

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