[RC5] Dual Xeon system seems slow

chandler sobel-sörenson scar at fugazi.engr.arizona.edu
Fri Oct 24 04:11:53 EDT 2003

mark i have also a dual xeon system and was not satisfied with the keyrate,
but the cores are not as optimized yet i guess.  i think you should be
getting more than 1.7 Mkeys though... i am getting about 3.8 Mkeys with 2
2.8GHz. youre sure there is nothing else running using cpu time?  so the
xeon is an older architecture?

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Subject: [RC5] Dual Xeon system seems slow

> I am running the windows client on a Dual Xeon 2.6 GHz system. My avg
Keys/second for RC5-72 is 1,700,000 (aprox) total for 2 crunchers. On my P4
1.6GHz (1 GHz less) I get 2,200,000 keys/s and that's while running apps on
my system. Any ideas why? It (the Xeon) is using Pipe #3 which benches as
the fastest pipe. Is it because the Xeon is an older architecture than P4?
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