[RC5] When will OSX client be truly optimized for G5?

groovyr at comcast.net groovyr at comcast.net
Fri Oct 24 18:16:33 EDT 2003

Hi everyone I'm new to the list.

I have a Dual G5 and the key rate is less than my dual 1.4 GHz
The strange thing is 970 core in the beta client is the slowest core.

I realize the person who coded the beta for G5 didn't have a G5 
at the time but now that G5 are out and every where I'm wondering
when the client will truly be optimized for G5?

If the coder doesn't' have a G5 yet CHUD tools now includes SimG5
which can be used along with Shark from the same tools to write optimized
G5 code even on a G4.

we have 23 Dual G5's joining our team in the next week  and more joining
every day and it is important that the client be updated for G5/970
like it is for the G4.  The power bill is huge but worth it if the key rate
is what G5 should be getting and right now it is not.

Any time frame at all or some info on what is happening here  would be great!



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