[RC5] performance

chandler sobel-sörenson scar at fugazi.engr.arizona.edu
Sat Sep 13 14:54:38 EDT 2003

i have just bought myself a new computer with 2 intel xeon 2.80GHz with htt
:).  now i have had dnetc running for several hours now and my overall
keyrate is only ~3.8 Mkeys/s.  now i have it also running on my laptop with
a 600 MHz pIII and it is getting ~1 Mkeys/s. also, on a p4 1.60 GHz i was
getting something like 1.6Mkeys/s.  now with this htt i understand it
emulates actually 4 cpus, which is consistent with dnetc saying it has
detected 4 cpus:

[Sep 13 08:05:55 UTC] Automatic processor detection found 4 processors.
[Sep 13 08:06:05 UTC] Automatic processor type detection found
                      an Intel Xeon processor.
[Sep 13 08:06:05 UTC] RC5-72: using core #3 (DG 3-pipe).

i am not satisfied with this 3.8 Mkeys/s., i am thinking i should be getting
~20 Mkeys/s.  now, when i change the "numbert of crunchers to run
simultaneously" to 2 my rate jumps up to like 7.2 Mkeys/s.  i have not yet
seen what rate i get if i only run 1 cruncher simultaneously.  regardless, i
think i should be getting better performance.  anybody have suggestions?

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