[RC5] performance

Dave Huang khym at azeotrope.org
Sat Sep 13 18:28:25 EDT 2003

On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 01:54:38PM -0700, chandler sobel-sörenson wrote:
> i am not satisfied with this 3.8 Mkeys/s., i am thinking i should be getting
> ~20 Mkeys/s.  now, when i change the "numbert of crunchers to run
> simultaneously" to 2 my rate jumps up to like 7.2 Mkeys/s.  i have not yet

I think you're being too optimistic if you're expecting 20Mkeys/s. If
one P4 1.60GHz gets 1.6Mkeys/s, you'd expect a P4 2.80GHz to get
around 2.8Mkeys/s. Two of them would give you 5.6Mkeys/s. So
7.2Mkeys/s sounds very good to me! Why do you think you should get
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