[RC5] performance

Scott Dodson sdodson at sdodson.com
Sat Sep 13 23:42:09 EDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-09-13 at 20:06, chandler sobel-sörenson wrote:
> yes i suppose you're right.  the whole 4 processors being detected threw me
> off.  and also, i was thinking 1.6 GHz when i typed the 1.6 Mkeys/s, the
> rate iwas getting on the 1.6 GHz was 2.2 Mkeys/s, so this works out
> mathematically almost perfectly to 7.2 Mkeys/s for 2x2.80 GHz, if you
> account that not 100% of my cpu is being used.  however, i think i will try
> turning the htt off next time i reboot and see what that does.  thanks for
> the links marty.

Probably the best idea is to configure the client to run only two
threads.  This sill leave your machine HTT enabled, and still prevent

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