[RC5] Three new cores - binary version

Slawek sgp at telsatgp.com.pl
Thu Sep 18 13:23:27 EDT 2003


I think it's great effort placed currently on optimising d.net rc5 cores.
I'm aware of at least three new cores which are being developed,
but are unavailable even on beta clients at the moment.

I know that there are many people which would like to test those
cores on their systems and share their performance results.

All after all the more good performance results we get, the more
probability those cores being included in near future.

So well, I have created a version of d.net client equipped with those
three additional cores and put it on my server.

If somebody is interested than fell free to download and check
the performance. New cores are:
- 9 - SGP 3-pipe - my core optimised for Pentium 4 / Xeon
- 10 - GO 2-pipe - core by Vyacheslav Chupyatov optimised for Athlons
- 11 - MA 3-pipe - core by Matt Andrews optimised for Pentium M
       (am I corrent here, Matt?)

The download is here (Windows version compiled by Visual Studio .NET 2003):
(the link may wrap)

Please please please report the performane you get with the client.
Preferrably on bugzilla entries, but it would be ok as well to report it on
this list.

Have fun,

Sławek Piotrowski

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