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Hear hear,


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As a ASM incompenent dnet participant, i must say it's great to see so
much community work on the cores/clients.

Very heartening compared the usual whining to dnet staff about blah blah

just thought i'd throw that out there :)


Slawek wrote:
| Hello,
| I think it's great effort placed currently on optimising d.net rc5 
| I'm aware of at least three new cores which are being developed,
| but are unavailable even on beta clients at the moment.
| I know that there are many people which would like to test those
| cores on their systems and share their performance results.
| All after all the more good performance results we get, the more
| probability those cores being included in near future.
| So well, I have created a version of d.net client equipped with those
| three additional cores and put it on my server.
| If somebody is interested than fell free to download and check
| the performance. New cores are:
| - 9 - SGP 3-pipe - my core optimised for Pentium 4 / Xeon
| - 10 - GO 2-pipe - core by Vyacheslav Chupyatov optimised for Athlons
| - 11 - MA 3-pipe - core by Matt Andrews optimised for Pentium M
|        (am I corrent here, Matt?)
| The download is here (Windows version compiled by Visual Studio .NET
| ftp://ftp.telsatgp.com.pl/tmp/dnet/rc5.20030918.zip
| (the link may wrap)
| Please please please report the performane you get with the client.
| Preferrably on bugzilla entries, but it would be ok as well to report
it on
| this list.
| Have fun,

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