[RC5] New version of SGP 3-pipe Pentium 4 core

Slawek sgp at telsatgp.com.pl
Wed Sep 24 22:54:45 EDT 2003

Hi there, it's me again ;)

Due to high number of questions about the binary version of the new core
I had received, I'm putting on-line version of d.net client built with this
core (with go 2-pipe and ma 4-pipe as well).


I have modified the client to show cpuinfo after doing benchmarks by
Informations about processors being tested on are of high value when testing
cores' performance.

The client is not designed to participate in the project. The cores will
eventually be implemented in the official clients. For now my client is
for performance testing only.

If you download it and make some tests please send your results _with_
cpu information to this list or - preferably - to apriopriate bugzilla

SGP 3-pipe:

GO 2-pipe:

MA 4-pipe:

Please please send those results. Those are of high value in development.
(I see my last binary version was downloaded more than 30 times and only
a few results published)

Oh, and I have written a simple 'sh' script that downloads source of the
and three new cores and patches the client to use those cores. It's designed
to be used on BSD, Unix and Linux. Currently the script is totally untested.
If somebody is interested in it, please contact me privately (I will
for a about two weeks so hurry up if you wanna come in time)

Special note to authors of other cores: You may want to make a "diff"
version 1.0 and 1.2 of my core as those optimisations are very likely to
help your
cores as well! I have removed some unnecesary code, moved some code out
of main execution line and aligned the stack on specified boundary (16-bytes

I have changed used instructions as well, but this in turn is Pentium 4

Have fun!

Slawek Piotrowski

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> Hello,
> I ported back some of my optimisations from ALFA version of my SSE2
> core to ALU core and it's now about 5% faster than SGP 3-pipe 1.0.
> Source is available on bugzilla entry:
> http://n0cgi.distributed.net/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=3398
> The core is optimised for two newest Pentium 4 processor cores:
> - D1 - identified as stepping 9
> - M0 - stepping 5
> but it should get some speed-up on older ones as well.
> Does somebody have some detailed information about differences
> beetween Pentium 4 cores? I've found docs about errors of older
> cores on Intel's website. Intel issued microcode workarounds for
> most of the problems (applied by BIOS updates).
> I can see some of those workarounds does slow down my cores
> on older Pentium 4's. It'll be really good if someone knew where
> can I find documentation about what in fact is slowed down by those
> workarounds.
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> Slawek Piotrowski
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