[RC5] [OGR] Is OGR-24 really finished?

Chris Jones chris at chris-j.net
Thu Sep 25 19:31:35 EDT 2003

Daily statistics are not affected. The only things that are currently off
line are all participant editing functions, plus (apparently) the running
"Percent Complete" count on the OGR pages.
Chris Jones
fiddles at distributed.net

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The "Percent Complete" count for OGR is calculated by a separate stats run.
Bear with us while we fix the database problems, then we can work to get the
percentages up-dated again.


does this affect daily statistic as well?
i havent seen my daily stats since 28 Aug, but i know that 10 PCs that i
left at library work 10 hrs a day =)))
seven month they works without any problems! very good job, guys, they 're
stable as rock!
they was set up to doing ogr only +) sorry guys, another millennium is too
much =))
but from 28 no more stats? wassup?

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