[RC5] Prediction updated for month of August.

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Mon Aug 2 10:31:04 EDT 2004

Daniel Quintiliani wrote:


> Notice how people are starting to leave RC5? Other people will join soon, with
> greater processing power. This basically evens it out with slightly more each time. That's
> why I chose a logarithmic formula for the trendline. You can look at the graph and see that
> this is happening and that the graph is almost logarithmic.

one should also note that it may not be a case of people leaving the project and others joining... in my case, my clients have 
preference for OGR stuff and they will switch over to RC5 when they are out of OGR stuff... additionally, the clients i'm currently 
running on my boxes seem to hold results until some trigger (that i've not yet determined) is tripped... i've had to go around to 
them occasionally and manually flush them... yes, i know that i need to upgrade them... maybe i'll do that with my coffee this 

FWIW: those clients are all running dnetc v2.9008-490-GTR-04050719 for Win32 (Windows 4.10).

[time passes]

hummm... maybe i won't update those clients... seems that they are the latest of the win clients already...

maybe my problem of them sitting on results is a config problem? the client is set to use internal defaults instead of x results or 
y time... i know that one of the machines flushed some 20+ results the other day and i was normally running them so that they 
flushed when they had 5 or so... and OGR is a different beast, altogether, in this respect...

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