[RC5] Needing testers (Mac OS X/G5)

Didier Levet kakace at wanadoo.fr
Sat Aug 7 17:47:53 EDT 2004

Moo :)

I've spent the last few weeks rewriting OGR/OGR-P2 code base
(major clean up), adding a preliminary implementation of a
64-bit core for 64-bit platforms, and rewriting the Scalar and
Hybrid cores in the process.

I've added the 64-bit OGR core to the client, beside the current
Scalar and Hybrid cores, hoping the G5 might benefit. However,
I don't have a G5 and I'm unable to test and benchmark that core
before final inclusion in a new release (if it's worth it).

Volunteers will find the upgraded public client (fetch/flush/update
disabled) at http://www.distributed.net/~kakace/dnetc-64.tgz

Please make sure you run "./dnetc -test OGR", "./dnetc -test OGR-P2"
to assert all three cores are fine (I'm confident the first 2 are), then
run benchmarks  for either contest (all cores, i.e. "./dnetc -bench 

Report the tests status (failure/success) and the benchmarks to me
(kakace at distributed.net). Please don't forget ancilarry datas such
as mono/dual G5 and CPU frequency ;-)

Thank you,

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