[RC5] Re: Needing testers (Mac OS X/G5)

Didier Levet kakace at wanadoo.fr
Sun Aug 8 08:13:07 EDT 2004

Moo :)

I've got valuable feedback on this topic and I wish to thank everyone
who took the time to run the tests and benchmarks.

For archiving purpose, I'll just add all cores pass all tests, as 
However, the benchmarks show the assembly cores (32-bit scalar,
loosely scheduled for G3, and hybrid scalar/vector cores, scheduled for
G4+) are the fastest, the 64-bit core (C code tuned for G5 and using
64-bit ops) is the slowest. Beside, the hybrid core being 34% faster,
I don't think a 64-bit asm core could compete. As such, the 64-bit core
will not be part of future releases.

Finally, and that's a very good news, the G5 will get a significant
speedup on OGR-P2, the new hybrid core being 17% faster than
in the current pre-release (2.9008.493). This sets the mark at
33.7 MNodes/s per CPU at 2.0 GHz.

Have fun,

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