[RC5] Re: Needing testers (Mac OS X/G5)

Dead J. Dona unholy_undead at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 9 09:13:19 EDT 2004

> Finally, and that's a very good news, the G5 will get a 
> significant speedup on OGR-P2, the new hybrid core being 17% 
> faster than in the current pre-release (2.9008.493). This 
> sets the mark at
> 33.7 MNodes/s per CPU at 2.0 GHz.

L:/Applications/Utilities/dnetc492-macosx-ppc/1 luda$ ./dnetc -bench OGR-P2

distributed.net client for Mac OS X Copyright 1997-2004, distributed.net
RC5-72 PowerPC assembly by Malcolm Howell and Didier Levet
Enhancements for 604e CPUs by Roberto Ragusa
RC7-72 Altivec and OGR assembly by Didier Levet
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dnetc v2.9008-493-CTR-04072303 for Mac OS X (Darwin 7.4.0).
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[Aug 09 11:49:20 UTC] Automatic processor type detection found
                      a PowerPC 970 (G5) processor.
[Aug 09 11:49:20 UTC] OGR-P2: using core #0 (KOGE Scalar-ASM).
[Aug 09 11:49:39 UTC] OGR-P2: Benchmark for core #0 (KOGE Scalar-ASM)

                      0.00:00:16.58 [15,707,195 nodes/sec]
[Aug 09 11:49:39 UTC] OGR-P2: using core #1 (KOGE Hybrid-ASM).
[Aug 09 11:49:59 UTC] OGR-P2: Benchmark for core #1 (KOGE Hybrid-ASM)

                      0.00:00:16.64 [18,768,477 nodes/sec]
[Aug 09 11:49:59 UTC] OGR-P2: using core #2 (KOGE Scalar-64).
[Aug 09 11:50:19 UTC] OGR-P2: Benchmark for core #2 (KOGE Scalar-64)

                      0.00:00:16.95 [14,531,220 nodes/sec]

So when we see 494 with new cores??

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