[RC5] Re: Needing testers (Mac OS X/G5)

Dead J. Dona unholy_undead at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 04:25:17 EDT 2004

> > When I stopped main client, I recieve next numbers from benchmark - 
> > 23M, 30M, and 22M.
> The only accurate benchmarks are where you boot to 
> single-user (where the web interface asked me if the stats 
> were accurate).

Well, I boot into single-user mode in mac os x 10.3.4 and run benchmarks.

Numbers was the same 23, 30.3 and 22 M.

Working in a darwin command-line on mac is weird =)))
Users usually became shocked when seeing this =))

wbr, Me. Dead J. Dona

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