[RC5] Re: Needing testers (Mac OS X/G5)

Slawek sgp at telsatgp.com.pl
Thu Aug 12 18:55:24 EDT 2004

In message to "D.net Discussion" <rc5 at lists.distributed.net> sent Thu, 12
Aug 2004 14:26:23 +0800 you wrote:

 E>>> Very little cache would be taken by dnetc, because most things are
 SP>> in
 E>>> registers anyway, and dnetc doesn't need much memory anyway (S[26],
 E>>> L[3], 11 in RC5_72UnitWork, and 1 for *iterations is only 41
 SP>> longs, or
 E>>> 164 bytes, which is 0.5% of a 32K cache).
 SP>> You're right unless we consider program memory cache.
 SP>> D.net cores like loops' unrolling...

 E> Most of the main loop (new_key_mid: to bne+ new_key_mid) is only 1173
 E> instructions, or 4692 bytes, or 15% of a 32K cache. new_key_hi: to bdnz
 E> new_key_hi is 1116 instructions, under 14%.


Slawek Piotrowski

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