[RC5] New GRASP 6.0 core

Earl Stenlund havoc at totalhavoc.net
Fri Aug 20 18:13:20 EDT 2004

OGR, didn't know there was a GRASP core for RC5. As for the P4 it is the one
in my laptop and it runs at 3.0GHz.
Earl Stenlund


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is that rc5-72 or ogr? also how many mhz the P4 running at?

Earl Stenlund <havoc at totalhavoc.net> wrote: 

Has anyone noticed that the old 5.13 core is better with Hyper-threading
than the new 6.0 core? 

With 1 cruncher 6.0 I get 10,400,000 or so
With 2 crunchers 6.0 I get 10,400,000 or so
With 1 cruncher 5.13 I get 10,600,000 or so
With 2 Cruncher 5.13 I ger 13,000,000 or so

Guess I don't upgrade all the computers here at work. We run a lot of P4s
with Hyper-threading.


Earl Stenlund

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