[RC5] Virus warning

Tom Cannaerts t.cannaerts at unec.be
Thu Aug 26 02:47:05 EDT 2004

I know it is very unlikely that the virus came from the list address,
but most likely it came from a computer that had both my address, and
that of the list. So chances that it is a subscriber to the list are
more than likely, and so it wouldn't be unlikely that other subscribers
also received the same email.


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THeres antivirus on lists.distributed.net anyway, but i find it highly
that the virus will have come *from the list address*

> On Wed, 25 Aug 2004, Tom Cannaerts <t.cannaerts at unec.be> wrote:
> > Just a warning to everyone on the list that I've received a virus
> > infected email that came from rc5 at lists.distributed.net.
> >
> > The email was disguised as a NDR, and had an attachment named
> > transcript.zip, containing a virus.

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