[RC5] Alpha client

bdragon at distributed.net bdragon at distributed.net
Fri Aug 27 21:24:40 EDT 2004

In an effort to pre-select the proper core, for those running the
Digital Unix/Alpha client (even if you are using it on something els
like FreeBSD/Alpha) could you send me (and not the list) the output of:

psrinfo -v
dnetc -cpuinfo
dnetc -bench

Please try to do so when the system you are running it on is as idle
as possible.

I'm most interested in:
EV56 (21164PC)
and higher
and any system which the client states it can't detect the processor type

This is only for those running the pre-release 494 version, as the
OGR cores have been updated in that version.

Please note the warnings on the pre-release page regarding use
of those clients. They should only be used by those willing and able
to keep a watchful eye on them. The posted clients may be revoked or
replaced at any time.

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