[RC5] Cannot uninstall client on Win98SE

naelphin naelphin at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 28 06:05:14 EDT 2004

I'm trying to remove the client from my system, but MSI keeps on crashing 
before it can complete. 
Here is the message:
MSIEXEC caused an invalid page fault in
module KRNL386.EXE at 0002:000042cc.
EAX=00000056 CS=0157 EIP=000042cc EFLGS=00000207
EBX=c186d690 SS=3917 ESP=00006374 EBP=00006380
ECX=0000ffff DS=0177 ESI=00e3db7c FS=0cbf
EDX=c186d708 ES=0177 EDI=00e49a74 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
67 aa fe 46 ff e2 a4 eb 10 67 8b 04 42 86 c4 67 
Stack dump:
63780000 00e41c37 009fc450 43446390 1c2f399f 00000001 0000c44c 0a9d63c2 
ffff1c37 399fc450 399f0556 05940550 399f0556 00000044 00010016 399fc44c 
Using Win98SE, and the MSI available on Microsoft's website. Tried 
reinstalling by renaming the files, but that didn't work either.
Pentium III 773, 128MB RAM, integrated i815 graphics, Win98SE with all the 
latest patches.

Is there a way of uninstalling the client without using the installer? Or if not, how do I make it work?

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