[RC5] Retrieving OGR via email

Hombre globring at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 09:10:51 EST 2004

I do the majority of my fetching and flushing for both OGR and RC5 via
email (I think it is a great feature by the way!).

However, I am finding myself when it comes to OGR, waiting until I can
actually connect so that I don't pull the default 24 OGR packets via
email. Even with the "numblocks=x" parameter in the email, I always
get 24 OGR stubs when fetching via email.

Apologies is this has been discussed before, but was there a
particular reason why this number was chosen? Its a hit or miss kind
of thing for me, sometimes my PC can burn through 24 OGR blocks fairly
quickly...but other times, like now, when each stub is roughly150
stats units, it can take a very long time to go through 24 stubs.

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