***Re: [RC5] Any plans to update the DOS client?

shiz0rat at real.xakep.ru shiz0rat at real.xakep.ru
Fri Dec 17 00:43:03 EST 2004

Where I heard name "Darren Clark" <biggranger at tds.net>? Hmm? Hmm...
Hmm! Why, certainly! Aaarghhh, it's come back! You contact me in year
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>I'm using the Win16 client on a CNC computer that runs 24/7, and it's
>a  PIII-650. It's just as old as the DOS client (over 1.5 years). It
>would  be nice to get a newer one for Win16 too.

I think, there is only one fast and convenience decision: OS/2-client.
Any version of OS/2 have very good compatibility with DOS and Win16. In
reality, OS2-DOS much better than DOS-session in ANY version of
Windows. I don't know emulator, virtual machine or other environment
with such level of speed, stability and compatibility. WIN-OS/2 is just
original Windows 3.1 sources, recompiled on top of another system. So,
OS/2 is DOS better than DOS and Windows better than Windows. You don't
need somewhat newer than OS/2 Warp3, which very cheap now. Of course,
you can use Warp4, eCS, MCP or even ACP (he-he, it fall in price to
about 1.5Kbucks now) for this purpose. NB: Don't forget install
FixPack32 (or higher) for Warp3 and FixPack5 (or higher) for Warp4!

Origin: DOS, Xenix, OS/2 - evolution of MS. Windows - degenerate path.
WBR, Vadim Tukaev (wah DEEM too KAH yeff) AKA shiz0rat
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