[RC5] Any plans to update the DOS client?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Fri Dec 17 17:31:50 EST 2004

Daniel Quintiliani wrote:
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> No, I'm serious. I have a DOS machine which I use for development
> and gaming. When it's on and not in use, dnet runs. The DOS client 
> does not support OGRp2, just RC5 and the now defunct OGR. It would 
> be nice to run OGRp2 on the DOS machine, it is a PII-450, so speed isn't 
> an issue. Does anyone else still use the DOS client? 

ya'no? i've not turned on my DOS boxes in a while... they were running dnetc back in the previous RC5 contest until i 
shut them down for various reasons... if i had been running them, i'd probably have raised this flag a few months ago 
when i went through my last updates round with the various apps on the dozen or so machines on the home LAN ;) i'm glad 
you brought this up and an update may cause me to bring some other minimalist but more modern DOS machines online OB-)

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