[RC5] Web page translation ("regional"?)

Per Hallström phand03 at student.vxu.se
Sat Dec 18 10:37:27 EST 2004


Who is responsible for the translation of, among other pages, 
http://www.distributed.net/rc5/index.php.se? The English version of the 
page has this text: "Then, on 14 July 2002 at 0150 UTC we found the 
winning key for the RSA Labs  64-bit secret-key challenge 
(RC5-32/12/8). That key was 0x63DE7DC154F4D039 and  took us 1,757 days 
to locate."

The Swedish version, which is outdated and does not mention the RC5-72 
contest, has this text: "Då , på 14 Juli 2002 på UTC vi  grunda den 
vinnande nyckel för den RC5-64 stycke hemlighet -  nyckel utmaning. Så 
pass nyckel var 0x63DE7DC154F4D039 och tog  oss 1,757 dag till 

This roughly translates to: "Then, in 14 july 2002 on UTC we founded 
[as in founding of a city] the winning keys for it RC5-64 piece secret 
- key challenge. About so key was 0x63DE7DC154F4D039 and took  us 1.757 
day through localize."

Not even the "translated" Swedish words are correct: "nyckel utmaning" 
should be "nyckelutmaning", and it probably shouldn't be 
"nyckelutmaning" in the first place. The translator (the translating 
software?) have no sense for what words to use among a set of available 
synonyms. "Piece" and "bit" is the same thing, sometimes. Not here.

This is from the FRONT PAGE, first paragraph: "Efter lyckosam 
fullständig RC5-56 och RC5-64, vi er nu arbetande på det 72- stycke 
skiljaktig av den här krypteringen algoritmen! Mer informationen är 
tillgänglig på det RC5 Projekt Sida"

Here the word "lyckosam" is used, which is a word I would expect to 
find in old literature. Where "skiljaktig" comes from is a mystery, but 
on the English version of the page the word "variant" is used, which is 
a perfectly good Swedish word with the same meaning.

Very well, the text on the front page, translated (by me): "After 
successful complete RC5-56 and RC5-64, we you now working on it 
72-piece divergent of this here the encryption the algorithm! More the 
information is available on it RC5 Projekt Sida"

To the point: the site should be updated and correctly translated. I'm 
not saying that I am a professional translator, but even my school 
English is magnitudes better than this joke. Can someone tell me how to 
volunteer? The Swedish version of the page is making distributed.net 
look bad.

Thank you for your time :)

Per Hallström
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