[RC5] CPU/OS Distribution stats page question

Dmitri Gribenko gribozavr at voliacable.com
Sat Dec 25 15:58:18 EST 2004


I was looking through the stats pages, and found the CPU/OS Distribution page, 
I've got some questions about it.

1. It says that client for Mac OS X running on an x86 has submitted 21 blocks. 
There is no client for Mac OS X running on an x86. How could Mac OS X run on 
an x86? If it is running under Power PC emulator (pearpc -- 
http://pearpc.sourceforge.net/ for example), then dnetc wouldn't report that 
it is running on an x86. Dnetc shouldn't know that it is running under 
emulator -- emulation works that way. If the client is running under Darwin 
compiled for x86, then the stats page should read "dnetc running under Darwin 
on an x86". I should also note that I know little about Power PC, Apple 
software and related stuff.

2. It also says that client for Linux running on an Java VM has submitted 32 
blocks. Is there/Was there a Java client? And can Linux run under a Java VM?

3. MorphOS on an x86. No client.

So, can anyone explain those things to me?

Best regards,
Dmitri Gribenko

Version: 3.1
GCM/CS/IT/M/S d++ s+:- a---- C++++>$ UL+++>++++$ P+++>$
L+++>++++$ E--- W+++ N o? K? w--- O+ !M V? PS++ PE- Y+ PGP>++
t? 5? X R- tv- b+ !DI D- G++ e- h! r !z

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