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>Hello everyone!

>In addition to my previous message, I want to mention:

>4. NeXTSTEP on PA-RISC. No client.

>So, has anybody any thoughts?

Absence of procompiled client for that CPU/OS combinations dosn't mean
impossibility of compiling sources on it. NeXTStep is just UNIX. ;)

Darwin is not OS/X ported to x86, but portable UNIX-like OS (based on
Mach+BSD+NeXT ideas), gratis available. OS/X in reality is Darwin/PPC
with Aqua GUI and some other additional proprietary commercial stuff.

I sure, there are simple explanations for all other apparent oddities.

Origin: DOS, OS/2 and NT are Stone Age, Golden Age and the Middle Ages.
WBR, Vadim Tukaev (wah DEEM too KAH yeff) AKA shiz0rat
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