***Re: [RC5] CPU/OS Distribution stats page question

Dmitri Gribenko gribozavr at voliacable.com
Sun Dec 26 15:39:29 EST 2004


> Absence of procompiled client for that CPU/OS combinations dosn't mean
> impossibility of compiling sources on it. NeXTStep is just UNIX. ;)
No, I don't doubt the possibility of compiling sources for NeXTStep on x86, 
but ONLY PRECOMPILED clients from the official download page can submit 
blocks and get credits for them. The sources from 
http://www.distributed.net/source/ compile to a client without networking 
stuff: it can't submit blocks. Quote from that page:
"A short FAQ about the public client source:
Can I build a working distributed.net client with this source?
This source will only allow you to compile a harness for testing and 
benchmarking the performance of cores. It does not have the network or file 
buffer capabilities necessary to create a full client."
So, if someone has succeed in compiling the client for NeXTStep on x86, he 
won't be able to flush real blocks until he goes to 
http://www.distributed.net/porting/, writes to d.net staff, becomes a porter, 
goes through the porting cycle, ..., gets a fully working precompiled binary 
client on the official download page.

> Darwin is not OS/X ported to x86, but portable UNIX-like OS (based on
> Mach+BSD+NeXT ideas), gratis available. OS/X in reality is Darwin/PPC
> with Aqua GUI and some other additional proprietary commercial stuff.
Yes, I fully agree. But then the CPU/OS Distribution stats page is incorrect: 
it should read "Darwin on an x86", not Mac OS X.

> I sure, there are simple explanations for all other apparent oddities.
What about Linux running under Java VM? Even if it is Java VM for Linux 
running a Java client -- there is no client written in Java!

Dmitri Gribenko

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