[RC5] CPU/OS Distribution stats page question

Didier Levet kakace at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 28 06:04:16 EST 2004

Le 25 déc. 04, à 21:58, Dmitri Gribenko a écrit :

> Hello!
> I was looking through the stats pages, and found the CPU/OS  
> Distribution page,
> http://stats.distributed.net/misc/platformlist.php? 
> project_id=8&view=tco
> I've got some questions about it.
> 1. It says that client for Mac OS X running on an x86 has submitted 21  
> blocks.
> There is no client for Mac OS X running on an x86. How could Mac OS X  
> run on
> an x86?

It's not Mac OS X but Darwin/x86. It turns out an OS ID was created for  
Darwin (x86
and PPC), and this ID is now meant to be Mac OS X since several users  
about Darwin/PPC being no longer relevant (there's a bug filed in  
bugzilla on this topic).
The Darwin/x86 client has been compiled for the fun by a porter, but  
never released for
some unknown reason.
In short, the same OS ID applies for Darwin (old stuff) and Mac OS X.


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