[RC5] Prescott Performance and New Core

Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Sat Feb 14 05:58:03 EST 2004

Hi Brad!

13 Feb 2004, Brad Tod <brad_tod at yahoo.ca> wrote:

[P4 Prescott]
 BT> Could it pass the Athlon in efficiency?
It has a 31 stage pipeline !!!
Do I need to say more ?
(Northwood 20, P3 10, Athlon 12, Itanium2 8)

If Prescott did not have the other improvements (larger caches, better
branch prediction, lower latency multiply, shift, rotate ; ......) it would be
CONSIDERABLY slower than a Northwooda at the same frequency.
So it is only marginally slower, and much hotter.

I *really* don't understand, why Intel is not abandoning the "Netburst"
architecture, and starts selling Banias (Pentium-M) based Desktops and Servers.
THAT chip is really great design. (12 stage pipeline ?)

CU, Ricsi

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