[RC5] core wrapper

John Croll johncroll at iquest.net
Wed Feb 25 09:38:42 EST 2004

i am trying to write a wrapper in c to run the r72-ss2.asm core. the
following structure does not work and i can't figure out why. i think i am
leaving out one or two members or else have the mermbers in the wrong order.

struct bundle
unsigned long workunitplain[1];// ;0=hi, 1=low
unsigned long workunitcypher[1];// ;0=hi, 1=low
unsigned long workunitL0[2];//  ;0=hi, 1=mid, 2=low
unsigned long workunitcount;//  ;16bit, not 32bit
unsigned long workunitcheck[2];//  ;0=hi, 1=mid, 2=low
unsigned long iterations;

//most left out.....

rc5_72_unit_func_ss_2(RC5_72UnitWork, iterations, "");

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