[RC5] Did the calculations again...

Robert A. Rosenberg dnet at rarpsl.com
Wed Jan 7 17:54:43 EST 2004

At 07:47 -0500 on 01/07/2004, Timothy Marsh wrote about Re: [RC5] Did 
the calculations again...:

>At 05:15 PM 10/1/2002 +0100:
>While this may not apply to dnet since we use otherwise unused resources, I
>am sure I remember reading a research paper that suggested any
>computationally intensive program taking more than time T (18 months (?))
>with a given budget X was better left until the technology advanced to the
>point that X would buy enough processing power to complete in time T. Better
>in this context means completing the calculation earlier.
>Yep your correct this doesn't apply to dnet at all because the equipment
>upgrades itself automatically at no cost to the project budget.
>Every bit of computation done between now and the time when it would take
>less than 18 months to complete makes the project end in 18months - X
>percent completed.

In the "Start Now or Wait to Start" situation, there is a GOTCHA. 
This is the assumption that ALL the work will need to get done before 
the project is done. This is not the case with RC5-72. All that CAN 
be stated is that we know the MAXIMUM amount of work that will need 
to be done to find the Key. There is no way of knowing WHEN in that 
key will be found and thus you have the extra caveat that if you 
start now you may find the desired result prior to the official 
"Start Now" time occurs. Thus you need to modify your computations to 
include the guesstimate of how long after the start of the project 
will the result be found to compute a "Better" Start Now Time.

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