[RC5] Do not forget about the cheaters :)

Dead J. Dona unholy_undead at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 8 03:15:57 EST 2004

When you see 2000+ units coming from 1 client per day (note: not one IP address
but 1 client on 1 box) you know something is fishy since no one PC is fast enough to that.

PC suxx. PowerMac G5 2MHz can do this.

I think that duplicate keys should go out to different teams/clients in the hunt
to find bogus blocks and catch the cheaters.  You would still get credit for doing the
units but at least we would be able to catch cheaters.

One day I flush nearly 1 Mb of random RC5 blocks and havent any credits for this. I've checked stats few days - and nothing. =( So I switched back to OGR.
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