[RC5] I want to do this on a video!

Dead J. Dona unholy_undead at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 8 03:22:29 EST 2004

  Dead J. Dona wrote:

  > What do you mean "compile"? What is this?

  Compiling is turning source code into an executable form.  If you're 
  asking, you probably can't do it.  I know what it is, and getting stuff 
  to compile under Linux is a 50-50 proposition for me (with the things I 
  most want to compile being the least likely to do so).


that was a little sarcasm. I KNOW what does it mean "compile", but I CAN'T do this cuz I know very little about programming I haven't any compilers, no C++, no Pascal, no asm, no Fortran, nothing. As usual this discussion shows that nobody cares. =(
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