[RC5] RE: Do not forget about the cheaters :)

groovyr at comcast.net groovyr at comcast.net
Thu Jan 8 08:24:55 EST 2004

>I suggested something like this to Bovine in an email  Tue 18/07/2000
>Slightly more succinct than the Stanford paper IMHO :-)
>(Clearly it doesn't cvoer quite as much ground.)

yes that should work well.    So I  have to ask what was
Bovine's response?

i still say ALL blocks should be traceable to the client.
Hacking the identity of the client would not work since
the proxy servers could assign a new marker on each flush
based on Ethernet MAC address and IP and as well as info
added only the server side knows making it nearly impossible
to hack a new identity.

If no match then the server would not accept that flush.

This would stop the cheater who is running many clients
from one box and using many users names.  to stay hidden
and under the radar.

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