[RC5] RE: Do not forget about the cheaters :)

Gudi gudi at rc5team.de
Thu Jan 8 14:58:15 EST 2004

> Yes but it is failing and failed when a few on the German team were
> back in September and is failing now for the polish team which has obvious
> cheating going on.   ....

Please don't be so fast on posting that the "a few on the German team were
cheating back in September".

I'm the administrator for the official German Hardware Network website and
stats-systems and I don't know of _any_ cheat-WorkUnit that was/is counted
for our team (I just suppose you mean our team, as the other german teams
mostly don't have "german" in their name ;). 
Every cheater we remark (e.g. because he used our proxy to submit his work)
is reported to distributed.net - that happened one time so far and the
account was removed.
So I don't know were you got your idea from, that some of our team cheated
but I think you just need to check your information on that better... ;)

Best regards,
(Andreas Gudian)

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