[RC5] I want to do this on a video!

Jerome Lamarque globulle at mac.com
Thu Jan 8 15:34:39 EST 2004

Howdy Folks ?

À 10:22 +0200 8/01/2004, Dead J. Dona tapotait avec ses mimines 
pleines de doigts :
>that was a little sarcasm. I KNOW what does it mean "compile", but I 
>CAN'T do this cuz I know very little about programming I haven't any 
>compilers, no C++, no Pascal, no asm, no Fortran, nothing. As usual 
>this discussion shows that nobody cares. =(

Since you have your hands on a G5, you Have Mac OS X, which comes 
with the full GNU Compiler Collection, aka gcc 3.3 and Xcode if 
you've got Mac OS X 10.3 or ProjectBuilder, if you're stuck with 
Jaguar (10.2).

So your only excuse is that you don't know how to developpe programs ;)
"To err is human. To really fuck things up requires the root password"
"L'erreur est humaine. Pour semer un bordel monstre, le mot de passe 
de "root" est indispensable"

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