[RC5] RE: Do not forget about the cheaters :)

Floppus Floppus at Chello.nl
Thu Jan 8 17:40:05 EST 2004

> But you say you do have proof that people are cheating? One of the
> drawbacks of having the client open-source. I hope we don't reach 100% and
> the key hasn't been found.

[quoting me:]
I have been searching for evidence of cheating a lot a while ago.
I found al lot of (vary) suspicious outputs, but no solid evidence.
[/quoting me:]

When you correct my spelling, you can see I did not say such thing.

This is also exactly why I have not put in any examples of what I might find
suspicious. I can understand the reaction of Gudi very well. I think it's
not a good thing if people are being pointed at, especially when pointing at
a group of people of which only one may have cheated.

This doesn't mean that nothing has to be done with'what people think is
suspicious. I think it gives a clear view on what people expect a cheater to
do. It might be a start of finding out what the average cheater's behaviour

In the end, maybe it's good if some people would discuss things, after
agreeing on discretion.

(Floris Dansen)
DPC representative for Distributed.net projects

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