[RC5] RE: Do not forget about the cheaters :)

Thorsten Wolf t_wolf at gmx.de
Fri Jan 9 02:37:40 EST 2004


I'm the administrator for the gEb dnet proxy. About 75% of our active
members are using my Proxy. I'm in more or less direct contact with
the top5 Users of our Team. Yes, we might have jumping results, but
never recorded an unusual high jump in results without having the
person being able to explain the jump or even having announced that
he/she will be on vacation and will submit his/her results whenever
that person returns.

We're currently on the Top22 Position and I wanted to have that
cleared out.



>> Yes but it is failing and failed when a few on the German team were
G> cheating
>> back in September and is failing now for the polish team which has obvious
>> cheating going on.   ....

G> Please don't be so fast on posting that the "a few on the German team were
G> cheating back in September".

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