[RC5] Do not forget about the cheaters :)

Didier Levet kakace at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 9 07:42:09 EST 2004

Le 9 janv. 04, à 12:59, Slawek a écrit :

> I think the main problem here is that nobody's going
> to turn proposed solutions into code :o)

You'd better not bet on that.
Decio's scheme is far superior than every other method I've seen
so far : low complexity, low overhead, and almost impossible to
defeat. In other words, it's nice, simple and very efficient.


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> The scheme described on my other email requires no reissuing of
> keys, and shouldn't have much more overhead than the current system 
> (though
> there needs to be an array to store all the matches collected during 
> that
> block), and of course it can detect cheaters with high probability.

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