[RC5] Do not forget about the cheaters :)

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 9 08:44:32 EST 2004

On 9 Jan, 2004, at 20:42, Didier Levet wrote:

> Le 9 janv. 04, à 12:59, Slawek a écrit :
>> I think the main problem here is that nobody's going
>> to turn proposed solutions into code :o)
> You'd better not bet on that.
> Decio's scheme is far superior than every other method I've seen
> so far : low complexity, low overhead, and almost impossible to
> defeat. In other words, it's nice, simple and very efficient.

I've written a simulator for this (though it matches 32 bits, which is  
the same as you compare for normal blocks).


>> Identity-based checking is far from ideal. This is the kind of thing  
>> that
>> easily gets hacked.
> Not when done right.   In fact there is no need to even hid the marker  
>  since
> the server will only accept a marker that matches the other part  
> sitting on
> the server.    PGP basically.

PGP is all about proving that I'm the king (if I say I'm the king and  
issue, say, an order to execute someone).

PGP will not prove that I'm not the king and only a lowly peasant. This  
problem cannot, to my knowledge, be solved by cryptography except by  
only issuing one key to one person, and ensuring that you do that is  
the original problem you're trying to solve.

Please elaborate.


> total BS.   you made those numbers up.  My dual G5 gets 38,123,816 as  
> the highest i have seen.

If you haven't caught on already, I hacked the core. I don't do RC5  
either. I stopped bothering a long time ago.


Note that I'm not sure what those flushes in september are, since I  
don't remember doing RC5... Hm.

- Purr

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