[RC5] Do not forget about the cheaters :)

Floppus Floppus at Chello.nl
Fri Jan 9 12:14:20 EST 2004

Sorry, maybe I'm just a grumpy guy, but it's bothering me that half of the mails under "do not forget about the cheaters" is offtopic about some mac client.

Please use another subject, or reply on topic.

Thanx a million :)

(Floris Dansen)
DPC representative for Distributed.net projects
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    Happy New Year everyone!

    ю 10:15 +0200 8/01/2004, Dead J. Dona tapotait avec ses mimines 
    pleines de doigts :
    >When you see 2000+ units coming from 1 client per day (note: not one 
    >IP address but 1 client on 1 box) you know something is fishy since 
    >no one PC is fast enough to that.
    >PC suxx. PowerMac G5 2MHz can do this.

    Not to mention the 2 GigaHertz ones ;-)

    A 1.8 GHz PowerPC 970 (aka G5) trounces 13MKeys/s

    and dont forget that there TWO processors on 2 GHz and 1.8 GHz macs

    >One day I flush nearly 1 Mb of random RC5 blocks and havent any 
    >credits for this. I've checked stats few days - and nothing. =( So I 
    >switched back to OGR.

    It has always been this way, when rc5 was nicknamed 56 ;)

    too bad that ogr24 hasn't any results since it reached 100%.


    maybe client should save timestamp at completed packet. something like 12:34:56 started 12:43:65 finished and server can compare completion time for this CPU with average time for this type of CPU


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