[RC5] G5 core

Jerome Lamarque globulle at mac.com
Fri Jan 9 21:21:25 EST 2004

Hi everybody,

À 7:40 -0500 9/01/2004, groovyr at comcast.net tapotait avec ses mimines 
pleines de doigts :
>At 8:24 AM -0500 1/8/04, rc5-request at lists.distributed.net wrote:
>>When you see 2000+ units coming from 1 client per day (note: not 
>>one IP address
>>but 1 client on 1 box) you know something is fishy since no one PC 
>>is fast enough to that.
>>PC suxx. PowerMac G5 2MHz can do this.
>no it can not.   The client is not optimized for G5 and thus
>it does less and a G4+ running 1.42 GHz.  A dual G5 does 40K keys a second.

Yes it can. I do 13.4 MKeys/s on a single 1.8 GHz G5.

>I own BOTH a dual G4 and Dual G5 and a P4 (Ok granted a P4 does suck at RC5)

Wrong core, change core.

How about dnetc -benchmark ?

Maybe you should download the last client version.

Personally I use the 7450 core, the PPC 970 core being a little slower.
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