[RC5] RE: Do not forget about the cheaters :)

groovyr at comcast.net groovyr at comcast.net
Sat Jan 10 09:25:12 EST 2004

At 8:20 PM -0500 1/9/04, rc5-request at lists.distributed.net wrote:
>Accounts that are recognized as "cheaters" are not marked with "cheating"
>in their name, they are removed from the stats.

you are not in the correct context

> That account "ended because of
>cheat-clients" or something like this is from a member who quit the project
>because he felt it is sensless to continue due to the cheat-clients - and
>that nothing really official came from distributed.net that said "hey ok,
>this is what we do now." So it was just his descision. His account there is
>still free from cheated WorkUnits.
>You just misinterpreted it.

I never said it was official distributed.net doing it.   I said the team leader
could have put that there.    Get it now?

Go look in the top 4 teams and you will see the words cheater and hack client
etc...    I was talking to a team leader about team leaders doing their job
and making sure none of their team members are cheating.   Our team
we boot anyone caught cheating.

Now If distributed.net catches them yes they are removed from the stats
but I was not talking about that.

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