AW: [RC5] RE: Do not forget about the cheaters :)

Gudi gudi at
Sat Jan 10 11:39:57 EST 2004

> >Accounts that are recognized as "cheaters" are not marked 
> with "cheating"
> >in their name, they are removed from the stats.
> you are not in the correct context
> > That account "ended because of
> >cheat-clients" or something like this is from a member who 
> quit the project
> >because he felt it is sensless to continue due to the 
> cheat-clients - and
> >that nothing really official came from that 
> said "hey ok,
> >this is what we do now." So it was just his descision. His 
> account there is
> >still free from cheated WorkUnits.
> >You just misinterpreted it.
> I never said it was official doing it.   I 
> said the team leader
> could have put that there.    Get it now?

Well actually there is no way for a teamleader to change the screen-names
(or whatever) of his team's members. That's why I didn't even think about
that... (we're still on's stats pages, right?)

> Go look in the top 4 teams and you will see the words cheater 
> and hack client
> etc...    I was talking to a team leader about team leaders 
> doing their job
> and making sure none of their team members are cheating.   Our team
> we boot anyone caught cheating.
> Now If catches them yes they are removed from 
> the stats
> but I was not talking about that.

I just wanted to correct your statement that some people in our team cheated
"back in september". It sounded as if there has been (or is) quite a bunch
of faked blocks counted for our team, which is wrong. At least that's what I
was talking about... ;)


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